Bowling Evolution Championships

This page contains information about Bowling Evolution Championships. Each of these championships consists of several online games and here players can compete with each other. You can click championship name to see its details.

Championships are organized regularly by Bowling Evolution team and active Bowling Evolution players who have been given special rights to organize them. More information about this can be found from the Bowling Evolution Forum.

You can start playing championships by buying Online Playing Time here.

Spring Tournament 2017  

Spring tournament is here again!

This championship has started at 2017-03-22 and continues till 2017-05-17. There are 8 events in this championship.

Scoring for this championship.

1Priit Kolumbus4079
2Kent Worthington3978
3T Kekki3824
4Pampie 3627
5det mattern3517
6Eila Oinonen2068
7lewis johnson993
8Max0342 700
9Chrispy 627
10steve spiking616
11david44 laggner526
12Todd Bowman514
13anthony cosmo500
14walter rivera371
15Doge Slayer282
16Jared Newman2279
17Owen Cameron145

Winter Tournament  

Winter Tournament 2017 is here!

This championship has started at 2017-01-23 and ended at 2017-03-20. There are 8 events in this championship.

Final scoring for this championship.

1T Kekki5487
2Priit Kolumbus5478
3Pampie 4991
4det mattern4836
5Eila Oinonen3687
6lewis johnson1639
7Timothy Little1297
8Todd Bowman1294
9Jordan Rodriguez1150
10Connor. 653
11Xxmlch Loh644
12michael johnson624
13Striker X 576
14gater77 536
15walter rivera368
16Nathan Merryman184
17Peter Jacobsen169