Wednesday League

All three scores counts

This event has already ended.

A summary of rules. Oilpattern for this event is BE Christmastree. Bowling Hall for this event is Brisbane_Riverbank_Bowling. Each player is allowed to submit at most 3 scores. Each player can join the event at most 3 times. Score of 3 best series are summed up and used as the final score. Scores submitted to this event also go to Official online highscores.

Scoring for this event.

1T Kekki645
2Eila Oinonen582
3Minty Hartnell524
4Canadian Penguin514
5Gary Kroll445

Thrown scores for this event.

1225T Kekki2018-01-10 16:59:15
2215T Kekki2018-01-10 16:07:29
3209Eila Oinonen2018-01-10 14:53:46
4205T Kekki2018-01-10 16:10:09
5201Eila Oinonen2018-01-10 14:57:34
6185Minty Hartnell2018-01-10 06:00:53
7181Canadian Penguin2018-01-10 05:58:49
8173Canadian Penguin2018-01-10 06:01:31
9172Eila Oinonen2018-01-10 14:51:17
10172Minty Hartnell2018-01-10 06:08:19
11167Minty Hartnell2018-01-10 06:04:50
12160Canadian Penguin2018-01-10 05:56:07
13155Gary Kroll2018-01-10 03:14:36
14149Gary Kroll2018-01-10 03:09:20
15141Gary Kroll2018-01-10 03:12:09