Sunday League

All three scores counts

This event has already ended.

A summary of rules. Oilpattern for this event is BE Christmastree. Bowling Hall for this event is Brisbane_Riverbank_Bowling. Each player is allowed to submit at most 3 scores. Each player can join the event at most 3 times. Score of 3 best series are summed up and used as the final score. Scores submitted to this event also go to Official online highscores.

Scoring for this event.

1Henny ---606
2Eila Oinonen550
3Robin 542
4Gary Kroll537
5Thomas Bräutigam509
6T Kekki396
7Priit Kolumbus237

Thrown scores for this event.

1237Priit Kolumbus2018-01-21 17:19:57
2213Henny ---2018-01-21 18:24:31
3210T Kekki2018-01-21 10:54:10
4207Eila Oinonen2018-01-21 12:19:16
5201Robin 2018-01-21 22:46:54
6199Henny ---2018-01-21 18:34:11
7194Henny ---2018-01-21 18:26:51
8193Gary Kroll2018-01-21 02:50:54
9191Thomas Bräutigam2018-01-21 22:03:50
10186T Kekki2018-01-21 10:51:04
11178Gary Kroll2018-01-21 02:53:26
12176Robin 2018-01-21 22:44:08
13175Eila Oinonen2018-01-21 12:22:16
14170Thomas Bräutigam2018-01-21 21:59:49
15168Eila Oinonen2018-01-21 12:25:32
16166Gary Kroll2018-01-21 02:48:09
17165Robin 2018-01-21 22:41:33
18148Thomas Bräutigam2018-01-21 21:56:45