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Country Statistics  

#Top scoreNameCountryGamesAverage
1300Pampie Germany92226.5
2245remo cremoniGermany5217.2
2245Bernd SteigerGermany18220.6
4244Thomas15 StephanGermany20220.8
5236det matternGermany46204.5
6234Rainer ThielmannGermany95190.5
7223agw Germany12208.6
8213Juergen GerschkeGermany17199.2
9212Lehmann MatthiasGermany1212.0
9212Ekkehard Germany17180.5
11211Georg Schweda Germany18196.7
12200Reiner SasseGermany30172.6
13183Michael WittmannGermany4174.5
14174Adolf HitlerGermany3164.3

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