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Country Statistics  

#Top scoreNameCountryGamesAverage
1274Pampie Germany119216.4
2257Thomas15 StephanGermany48224.2
3249Bernd SteigerGermany12223.7
4248Henny ---Germany70200.7
5237remo cremoniGermany8218.4
6232Wurster Karl-FriederGermany29216.1
7219Juergen GerschkeGermany16200.6
8216det matternGermany8205.4
9215Ekkehard Germany31178.8
9215agw Germany15207.9
11213Georg Schweda Germany18198.1
12191Rainer SasseGermany6178.0
12191Thomas BräutigamGermany3169.7
14185manfred eulitzerGermany9164.7
15154Bernd Germany1154.0

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