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Country Statistics  

#Top scoreNameCountryGamesAverage
1299TGR Nebulizer United States13271.6
2256Jason MillerUnited States49172.1
3248sircharles 148United States4240.8
4245Deo BenardUnited States4226.8
5236Gary KrollUnited States99178.0
6235Mini BowlerUnited States7172.4
7233Bob TaylorUnited States46177.9
7233Dennis SANDELLUnited States27209.8
9232jeong woodmaUnited States4208.8
10231Fabian VargasUnited States57181.8
11185nuttnfancy United States1185.0
12182Laurie McLaneUnited States3172.7
13138Cam MorseUnited States1138.0

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