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Country Statistics  

#Top scoreNameCountryGamesAverage
1279GMDNizzy United States3227.0
2278sircharles 148United States5243.6
3265Dennis SANDELLUnited States55220.5
4259TGR Nebulizer United States28228.5
5255Jesse vanselUnited States8197.8
6247tnert United States44190.0
7232Kenneth McClureUnited States47168.4
8224Spencer SetoUnited States15176.1
9223Gary KrollUnited States135175.8
10214Prinny DogUnited States2209.0
11200Minty HartnellUnited States30162.9
12184chris ApodacaUnited States3182.0
13173Nick HarrisUnited States2170.0
14165Owen CameronUnited States2131.0
15143Reginald EppsUnited States3120.3
16115Kelin RoseUnited States1115.0

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