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Country Statistics  

#Top scoreNameCountryGamesAverage
1300TGR Nebulizer United States37244.6
2269sircharles 148United States10246.7
3247Dennis SANDELLUnited States38217.2
4237steve sneederUnited States6171.7
5233Kyle VanHattenUnited States27200.9
5233Gary KrollUnited States219170.2
7232prinny guyUnited States3209.7
8223jeong woodmaUnited States23176.3
9204Jake B United States4177.5
10202Mike MasonUnited States1202.0
11194Kenneth McClureUnited States26162.4
12176Michael SaalfrankUnited States9146.3
13173Kendrick QuiaoitUnited States2155.5
14169Spencer SetoUnited States1169.0

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