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Country Statistics  

#Top scoreNameCountryGamesAverage
1258TGR Nebulizer United States5207.4
2257mikko haapalaFinland3225.0
3233Bernd SteigerGermany1233.0
4232Priit KolumbusEstonia2213.5
5222Thomas15 StephanGermany1222.0
6203René HitzSwitzerland1203.0
7202Mike MasonUnited States1202.0
8196Eila OinonenFinland1196.0
9195Georg Schweda Germany2193.5
10194Juergen GerschkeGermany1194.0
11193Ekkehard Germany6181.8
12183Rainer SasseGermany1183.0
13182Gary KrollUnited States3168.7

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