Bowling Evolution Championships

This page contains information about Bowling Evolution Championships. Each of these championships consists of several online games and here players can compete with each other. You can click championship name to see its details.

Championships are organized regularly by Bowling Evolution team and active Bowling Evolution players who have been given special rights to organize them. More information about this can be found from the Bowling Evolution Forum.

You can start playing championships by buying Online Playing Time here.

Summer Tournament II  

Second legendary summer tournament is here again.

This championship has started at 2020-08-10 and continues till 2020-10-05. There are 8 events in this championship.

Scoring for this championship.

1T Kekki4245
2det mattern4038
3Pampie 3864
4Gary Kroll3712
5Tilo Tost3342
6Eila 2337
7Timothy Little1181
8Carmine Caruso471
9BuckNayckid 433

Summer Tournament 2020  

Summer tourmament is here again!

This championship has started at 2020-06-13 and ended at 2020-08-08. There are 8 events in this championship.

Final scoring for this championship.

1det mattern4710
2Pampie 4499
3Gary Kroll4380
4Tilo Tost4048
5Eila 3843
6T Kekki3654
7Bob Taylor3584
8Mark Lee761
9BigBrain Boi515
10Jan Wiering398
11Alexandra Hernandez185
12Michael Wittmann151